Best Flight Joystick and Chairs

Best Flight Joystick and Chairs

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Saitek X52 Pro Flight Joystick Review – Take Your Gaming Experience To A New Level

It has always been a tough and daring task when it comes to optimization of the satisfaction level of gamers, among which the flight simulator gamers have always been the most challenging to convince. Developers have noticed an ever increasing demand for a gadget that can provide the flight and space simulator fans a realistic imitation of the controls and function of complex system like that of an aircraft. Keeping this call in mind, Saitek has launched a new flight joystick called X52 pro flight joystick.

Features – joystick

– It is equipped with four fire buttons which launches your missiles and other ammunition.
– There is a safety cover placed before one of the fire buttons to minimize the accidental launch of a missile. The fire button glows green when it is behind the safety cover and turns red when the cover is not covering it.
– It is attired with two metal triggers at single suitable position which activates your laser and missile when it is slightly pulled and hurls your missile when you pull it fully after setting your target.
– Exact centering structure of this joystick enhances and intensifies fidelity while aiming at the target.
– Three toggle switches are installed at its base for the usage of controls that are less frequently used such as landing gear and flaps.
– It has got 2X8 way switches on its top commonly called as the hat switches plus LED indicators and 3D rudder twist.

Features – throttle

– The throttle pushes the speed of the game launching it into full power mode.
– It has got two fire buttons.
– The throttle is equipped with 2X rotary control, built in scroll wheel, and a smooth action slider control.
– The clutch button installed on the throttle initiates the safe mode.
– The most important feature is the stick that doubles up as that of a mouse control.

Target group

Saitek X52 is probably not meant for gamers who are unceremonious and unpretentious while they play. It is simply not designed for ones who are casual or may be laid-back. It is a complex device with so many functional buttons whose simultaneous operation is not a piece of cake. It is a high end joystick for gamers who are ready to take their flying and space gaming in a bit more earnest manner.

The main consumers that Saitek has targeted by bringing this device into the market are the ergonomic flying simulator fans.


– This highly integrated system is made of brushed aluminum and high grade plastic which gives it a robust build quality.
– Metal parts have added to its longevity and permanence.
– Developers have adjoined suction caps at the bottom of the stick and throttle to provide the gadget a fair and substantial grip with the platform over which it is placed.
– Its anomalous dual spring mechanism puts cumulative impetus on the movement of stick which enhances its response.
– It is consolidated with MFD screen (multifunctional display) which enables the user to display the information of the game and interact with it directly.
X52 pro is a HOTAS system which basically means that the virtual pilot can access all the controls without getting his hands off the joystick.
– The safety cover over one of the fire button is a nice move by Saitek.
– The throttle is perfectly manageable and fairly fits in the hand.
– It will be just in referring the throttle as being a catalyst. Its level of boosting the game speed is amazing.
– Installing tension adjustment with the throttle indeed proves to be helpful in the game play.


– The MFD only works with just one official game (FSX). To obtain access to the MFD, you will be required to acquire the plugins from the Saitek’s forum.
– X52 pro occupies a lot of space over the platform.
– The joystick is a bit hobbled which initially can make the users feel uncomfortable. Gamers will surely need some time to adjust their hands on the control.
– Though it is performance efficient, but it is not cost effective; yet not the most expensive HOTAS system trending in the market.
– The main hat switch often gets stuck which sometimes makes targeting a tough task.
– X52 profile does not work with the pro version.

Critics’ opinion

Critics point that Saitek’s X52 pro joystick is highly advanced with good build in quality. The installation of adequate number of control buttons will make gaming easier for the non-casual gamers. Other innovations like the MFD, safety cover, clutch button, spring mechanism, etc will enhance gaming experience. Other technologies that this device is equipped with makes it a must buy product for space simulator gamers. Buying it at a price of £100 is a good catch as you are getting ample amount of specifications in a fair consideration.

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Why You Need the Best X Rocker Video Gaming Chair


Are you a video game lover? If so, hope you know X Rocker video gaming chair. It’s a special device to have in your house. Thanks to Ace Bayou for developing this amazing gaming device. In fact, this device is more than just a game playing seat. The chair is ideal for playing games, listening to music, and watching movies/shows. In simple terms, it’s applicable in all kinds of your in-house entertainment. Whether you are watching your favorite show or playing your preferred game, this chair will literally move you past the screen into the scene of action. You’ll hardly realize that the experience you are having is not real but imposed.

The X Rocker chair features a strong sound system which produces the audio effects and vibrations. This system is composed of built-in speakers and subwoofer. The sound is transmitted from the source to this chair via wireless transmission channels. Additionally, you can satisfy your taste of sound/music using the controls on the c-panel fitted on the side of the best and ergonomic comfortable computer gaming chair of 2014

Best Gaming Chair X Rocker Features

The most amazing feature is the high quality wireless sound system. The chair is fitted with a 2.1 sound system consisting of a subwoofer and speakers that bring out the gaming sound effects perfectly. For example, if you are playing a car racing game, you can hear the sound of the car engine clearly. In such a game, X Rocker chair helps you achieve the real feeling of driving a Formula 1 racing car. Moreover, the Side C-panel carries separate bass and volume controls for the sound system. The C-panel also has input/output audio jacks.

Additionally, this seat is compatible with PCs, MP3 players, iPod, Playstation, Xbox, Gameboy, etc. The wireless transmission is done using the bluetooth technology. So, the chair is also compatible with any device that supports bluetooth technology.

Another amazing feature is that the X Rocker chair has an ergonomic design which provides optimum comfort and performance. It’s made from a special material and fabric that is breathable and can be easily cleaned. You can sit and play your games for four successive hours before you start feeling uncomfortable. The design has a back support and flip-up armrests. It is also fitted with tilt and swivel components. Good computer and gaming chairs must be ergonomically designed. This helps its users to avoid any physical health problems, e.g. back pains, as a result of poor designs. X Rocker’s design is full of convenience because it’s foldable which enhances portability and storage.

Finally, this chair simulates the seat of a racing car. This is another feature that enhances the realism of the game. The simulation is further complimented by the enhanced audio effects and haptic feedback from the seat. The X Rocker will really “rock” your world as you game.


In today’s market, there are different models of the X Rocker gaming Chair. These models range from X Rocker II to X Rocker Pro. Regardless of the model you fall for, you’ll be assured of perfect sound system, wireless audio transmission, comfortable material, wide application in entertainment scenarios, and much more choices and options for a comfortable gaming experience.